Manage alcohol test results easily with FUGOsmartBt and FUGO GO

アルコールチェッカー アプリ

Using Figaro’s FUGOsmartBt breathalyzer and the FUGO GO companion app, your fleet's drivers can send you alcohol test results in realtime. Results are sent to your administration page and via email right after testing. These results are then archived, so you can access them anytime in the future.

Further ensure the safety of your fleet with FUGO GO!

Easy to Use Mobile App

Connect a Figaro FUGOsmartBt alcohol test device to the FUGO GO mobile app and your driver's test results will be sent immediately to an administrator.

アルコール検査 レポート アルコールチェッカー アプリ
アルコールチェッカー検査の結果 overlay アルコールチェッカー 検査の結果のメール

Receive Notifications of Positives Instantly

If a driver tests positive for alcohol consumption, a notification is immediately sent to the administrator via the web app and email.

アルコール検知器 業務用 運転手リスト

Manage Multiple Drivers

Manage the alcohol test results of as many drivers as your fleet has easily on the FUGO GO administrator page.

Select Testing Period

On the mobile app, drivers can select if they are taking the test at the beginning, in the middle, or after their shift.

アルコールチェッカー アプリ

Driver Photo

The app will take a photo of your driver as they are taking an alcohol test, reducing the occurrence of fraudulent results.

アルコールチェッカー アプリ


All test results are archived in the cloud, so past results can be accessed easily anytime.
アルコール検査 レポート
アルコール検査 レポート Excel
Download test results organized monthly or daily in Excel format.
アルコール検査 レポート PDF
Daily reports can also be downloaded in PDF format.



A very low monthly per user rate of only330 yen (tax included)

Paid yearly.

Administrator accounts are free. You can sign in to the same account at the same time.

Visit this link for more info about fees.